Friday, 25 March 2011

Our third and biggest RadTour

Sunday 13th March saw the start of the club's 2011 season of events. The weather forecasters gave us all a scare - it's one thing to run an event with bad conditions overhead but something else entirely to ride to the top of the Lang Wang under the depth of fresh snow that appeared on the Saturday morning. But a thaw followed, fingers were crossed and in the end 53 riders gathered in Linlithgow, with heavy rain showers quickly clearing.

There was a real range of abilities out on the road, with the usual three speed groups, and some welcome appearances by guests from local club and unattached riders. As with last year, the highlight was definitely Jules' cafe at half way, the rapid descent off the high moors being made all the better by a superb spread of soup, bacon rolls and cakes.

Neither the route changes since last year (avoiding Almondell) nor the last minute roadworks at Broxburn seemed to cause any problems for riders and it wasn't long until a stream of tired and happy riders started appearing back at HQ.

This was the third club Rad Tour and the largest turnout so far, despite the weather on Saturday. Many thanks to all volunteers, especially club members Neil and Julie Greer for their superb feed stop - hope that the buzz on the day keeps building for the upcoming Easter meet!

Graham and Rob

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